Sanjeev Arora
Theoretical Machine Learning,
Algorithms, Complexity Theory

Mark Braverman
Information Theory,
Communication Complexity and
Complexity Theory

Bernard Chazelle
Computational Geometry,
Natural Algorithms and
Computational Biology

Zeev Dvir
Complexity Theory,
Coding Theory

Gillat Kol
Complexity Theory,
Communication Complexity
Information Theory

Ran Raz
Complexity Theory,
Information Theory and
Lower Bounds

Robert Sedgewick
Algorithms and
Analytic Combinatorics

Robert Tarjan
Design and Analysis
of Algorithms,
Data Structures

Mark Zhandry
Security and
Complexity Theory

Matt Weinberg
Algorithmic Game Theory and
Mechanism Design

Affiliated Faculty

Noga Alon (IAS/TAU)
Combinatorics and its
Applications to CS

Maria Chudnovsky (Math)
Graph Theory,
Matroid Theory and

Elad Hazan (Machine Learning)
Machine Learning
Mathematical Optimization
Learning Theory

Assaf Naor (Math)
Geometric and Analytic
Approx. Alg. and Complexity

Paul Seymour (Math)
Graph Theory,
Matroid Theory and
Discrete Optimization

Amit Singer (Math)
Spectral Methods
Convex Optimization
Semidefinite Programming

Avi Wigderson (IAS)
Complexity Theory,
Algorithms and Pseudorandomness